And the Liebster goes to…


Okay so I’ve done part of my duty after accepting my Liebster Award from Nona. Here’s the rest of it. First, eleven things about me.

1. I’m a very good multitasker, except when I am watching TV. I don’t see or hear anything else when I am focused on the TV. The world could be crumbling down around me and I still wouldn’t notice.
2. I make very good clear-out-the-pantry stews or soups.
3. I can’t dance. Or sing for that matter. I am the shame of the entire Filipino race 😦
4. My weight is a big issue and I secretly wish (well not so much now, doh!) that there is a magic pill I can take to see it back to a healthy number. I have recently tried a health program, working with people from far away, but apparently I am not committed enough to make it work. I could make my case till the cows come home but I’m just tired of justifying myself so as long as I am alive and (relatively) healthy, I’ll go on living my life to the fullest, thankyouverymuch!
5. Ireland, Italy, Paris, New York, Scotland, Japan, Maldives, Argentina, Machu Picchu are just some of the places I would like to visit before I die.
6. I always bite my hang nails.
7. I hardly, if ever, moisturize.
8. Baking and frosting a cake from scratch is something I would like to learn soon.
9. Gmail, Facebook, Ravelry, Candy Crush, WordPress…in that exact order is how my browsing goes every time.
10. I can’t go to bed without knowing what time it is. That was my body clock can figure out how many hours it has until my alarm goes off. On weekends, I couldn’t care less!
11. I can knit and power nap at the same time.

And I hereby award the Liebster to the following amazing bloggers:
Rambling Roses
A Girl in Winter
Step Into My Thimble
Thyme Goes By
The Flavored Word
Urban Roamer
Pigeonroof Studios
Little Black Dog

Here are my 11 questions to the bloggers above. I look forward to reading your responses!
1. Describe your perfect day.
2. What would make a job your dream job?
3. Which of your childhood monsters still scare you to this day and why?
4. If you could choose your own name, what would it be?
5. What’s the best thing you love about yourself?
6. What would your gravestone say?
7. You’re dancing all night. What song is playing and who is your partner?
8. If you had lived in another time and place, when and where would it be?
9. You are given a chance to send a message to your 13-year old self, but it can only hold 5 words. What would your note say?
10. There’s a fire in your building. Quick! What 3 items would you take with you?
11. Time travel is now a reality. Where and when would you first go?

Here are the simple rules of the Liebster:
• Thank and link back to your Liebster Award presenter.
• Proudly present the Liebster Award logo on your blog.
• Post eleven interesting facts about yourself.
• Answer the eleven questions posted by your presenter.
• Present the Liebster Award to eleven deserving blogs of 200 followers or less.
• Ask your nominees eleven questions, and please do make them interesting.
• Let them know they have been chosen by leaving a comment on their blog.

This has been fun! I hope you all have fun too following all these blogs. There is so much great stuff out there and thanks to the Liebster Award and other such blog-awareness movements, we get to discover new worlds and new minds that help make this world just that little bit brighter.

Happy reading!

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  1. Doing a reply to all your previous posts in one whoosh – hope you don’t mind. Thanks for presenting this award to me, I’m honored 🙂 This is going to take some time with my thinking cap on to do this award justice on my blog. Thanks again and you already know this, but I love your blog!


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