A favourite subject

A week ago, I had the pleasure of being invited to take photographs of one of my favourite families in Dubai. There was no chance that I would miss it for the world, especially if the youngest member of the family is as super cute as K! I love being able to capture moments like this.
k and mommy

However, I am terrible at giving directions when I am taking photos of people. I usually just point and shoot. I’m sure these folks were wondering what the heck I was there for! I know I am supposed to be in-charge but I don’t like to push people and I’d rather let them stay comfortable because some folks tend to go all stiff and mechanical as soon as you put that camera in front of them. Not these folks though!
cute family

Another setup that I love: different generations, in this case three, all in one frame. Grandpa, Daddy, Uncle and baby K. I would love to be able to go back year after year and keep taking similar photos and then maybe on K’s 21st birthday, do a collage or a slideshow . How cool would that be, huh?
three generations

This time with grandparents and uncle. I love how their outfits, except baby, are coordinated. Not sure if they talked about it really but it just happened. Thanks for inviting me to be a part of this. I hope you all like the photos that came out of that quick session, even the bloopers! I really wish one of you took an iPhone photo of this lot trying to make the baby smile and look at the camera. That would have been a keeper.
uncle and grannies

A note on these photos. Those who know me will know that I detest, abhor, hate (and I know that it’s a strong word), absolutely hate photographs that are overdone in Photoshop. I confess that these are not exactly SOOC (straight out of camera for those who don’t know) because I adjusted the exposure and vibrancy of the colours in Lightroom. Then exported it to 100% JPEG and applied an Unsharp mask and adjusted the Levels a bit in Photoshop to get rid of the grey film and effectively brighten the images. No touching up of the eyes or skin. Also no flash or other external lighting apart from what nature has given us that day. I’m so glad that their apartment is high up on the 22nd floor – no obstruction! /endrant