June birthdays

One week ago today, we were in Al Raha Gardens in Abu Dhabi to celebrate this gorgeous little boy’s second birthday. Meet Marcus Ignatius, my nephew. Yes, those cheeks are made for pinching and smooching, aren’t they?

Big sister Guinevere and big brother Peregrine give the birthday boy a kiss. They are very well behaved and play along well, thanks in large part of course to mom Jennifer (my cousin) and dad Dennis. And okay, to Tita Jade too! They recently moved to Abu Dhabi an dthis is the first time we came over to see them.
kiss marcus

Oh and it was also Tita Jade’s advanced birthday celebration. You can clearly see who is the apple of eveyrone’s eye. I’m sure his grandparents, my godparents actually, are missing him and his brother and sister a lot.
tita jade

I’m glad we agreed to bring the birthday cake. Marcus looked quite pleased with it. It was funny how all the older kids looked like they were blowing candles out too! We sang happy birthday before we sat down to lunch, which is no the custom but it was better that way. At least everyone knew not to stuff themselves silly because they need to leave room for the cake. And ice cream!
bday cake

Mommy Jen nearly attacked the cake! Can’t blame her, it was really good cake. The triple layer chocolate cake from Coco’s, in case you were wondering. As a matter of fact, Peregrine announced that he wanted the same exact cake for his birthday in December. That takes care of my what-to-bring list then!
jen and the cake

Happy birthday, Marcus and Jade!

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