Eighteen is a composite number, its proper divisors being 1, 2, 3, 6 and 9.

Three of these divisors (3, 6 and 9) add up to 18, hence 18 is a semiperfect number.

The number 18 might be semiperfect, but you, my darling are perfect! Happy happy birthday. I believe as your mother, who went through 10 hours of labour, has earned every right to show the world these baby photos. Just remember, I love you!

Yes, you have always been a happy baby, always smiling and laughing. You did not need looking after so much, you played quietly in a corner surrounded by all your disembodied Barbie doll heads and, little did we know at the time, talking to your imaginary friend!

Even then, your hair had a mind of its own. You know there are worse photos than these but I figured you’d hate me forever if I shared those. I loved braiding your hair back then, but now you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a ponytail. But you are still as pretty.

See what I mean about the hair? Okay one photo was repeated, I was in a rush to get these collages done. I remember your first birthday party. You were so happy! And I had to hold your little hands as everyone sang happy birthday to you because you wanted nothing more than to swipe at all that icing.

I have no idea what was happening in that first photo, but I know it was during Papa’s lunch break. See how silly Ate Viel is? And Joseph is wondering what the heck is going on! Sorry, I told you there’d be embarrassing photos.

Oooh remember when hair was this long? I think we got it all chopped off just after this photo was taken. I liked it this way, esp when you brush it properly and put it all away from your pretty face!

I still don’t see the resemblance, I really don’t. Had I not been there when you were born I could have sworn I was not your mother. How could someone so pretty come from me?

And look at the beautiful young woman you have grown up to become! I can hardly take any credit for this. You have created your own style and it is beautiful! I’m so proud of you. Happy birthday, my Eibee. I love you so much.

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