Random Dubai

There’s always time for a nap – even at the mall! Sorry unnamed man snatching forty winks on a bench in Dubai Mall. You must be really exhausted to doze off in a public place.
nap time

Raw Coffee bean bags painted by their customers and/or their children. Love the Bob Marley one! If you haven’t been to Raw, please make it a point to visit at least once. You will go back, I assure you, because they make the smoothest, best tasting coffee ever. You’ll swear off that gunk that fancy coffee houses make. Honestly!

At the bottom of the pyramid in WAFI. So this must be how those pharaohs of old feel as they lay in eternal slumber.

Little angel in training. A young boy at the Flores de Mayo (Flowers of May, quite literally) parade in Saint Mary’s Church, Dubai.
angel in training

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