Baby shower

Babies, babies everywhere!

Well, mostly still in their mother’s tummies for now, but soon enough these babies are going to pop out into this world. I was honoured to have been invited to a baby shower last Thursday, and also glad that one of my babies came along with me, even though she was not feeling very well. Yes, my baby Eibee could be very silly sometimes, but she’s as cute as a button.
baby eibee

Everyone was there to help celebrate the impending arrival of baby Adriana. Not to be confused with the other baby Adrianna of course! This is mostly Juvy’s current and former colleagues. And Luis, her husband, of course who was one of three thorns amongst the roses that evening. The other two being Carlos and Johann, Myrene’s husband and son.
group photo

And of course, it was a reunion of sorts for us ex-colleagues of Juvy’s. We are always in touch online but it’s rare that we get together in person like this. I think the last time was Patrick’s birthday last year in the park. Soon enough, we’ll be celebrating baby Adriana’s birthday too!
the gang

Everyone hold the bump! Baby Adriana and mommy Juvy were cooperating that evening with all the bump-touching we were doing and the photos we were taking. I can already tell this baby is going to be the star of every show just like her mommy.
hold the bump

Isn’t she just pretty? Motherhood becomes her. I know she’ll say her face is so big, but it’s alright, isn’t it? All that beauty radiates from what’s growing inside her. Okay, somebody stop me before everyone starts chucking up from all the saccharine that seems to be coming out of my fingertips right now. Seriously, give me a slap on the wrist. Now!
glowing mom

Okay, that’s better. Luis was such an amazing host. He made me and Paula some delicious G&T’s. And you can clearly see just how much he adores and loves his wife. He is a wonderful person, a good friend and I know he will be an awesome dad.
dad and mom

Juvy had a baby shower earlier with friends outside work so this second one is more low key, although the wine was still flowing, maybe not as much as it did in the first shower. Gifts were all in pink! I had to wrap my gifts in pink tissue as well but tied them with silver and gold ribbon.

This is where is started to get messy, and loud! Haha! Everyone, and when I say everyone I refer to the young ladies around us who wanted to get close to Luis. And I bet he was enjoying all that female attention too! But kudos to Luis for being such a great sport and being too embarrassed by it.

Dessert was Juvy’s favourite: ice cream cake! She had a tough time slicing it up as it came straight out of the freezer. But man, it was delicious! I only had a few small bites as I am not a big fan. I like cake and I like ice cream, just not together like this.
ice cream cake

My baby shower gift was this baby dress and hat which I knitted a while ago. Some of you who know me on Ravelry would have seen these projects already. The hat is a test knit of Jane’s Mini Roni Hat and the dress is the second one I made of the Rio Dress. I can’t wait to photograph baby Adriana!
rio dress

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  1. I remember the shoots you did of Juvy previously. She’s even more beautiful now with her pregnancy glow. Looks like a great party and such a cute knitted ensemble from you 🙂


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