A Photographic Ode to Van Halen

Go on, jump. Jump!

Yells he, the frizzy haired one. And why the heck not? Jumping is fun! Especially if it’s on freshly made, bouncy hotel beds. This is becoming a family tradition when we go on stay-cations. Let the jumping commence.

Patrick started us off. I call this the Wingspan, and give it a score of 8. Nicely done, my baby!


I then went to Room No. 716 where the teenagers were staying and, grumpily, they got up on the bed and jumped for Mama. Eibee did three jumps, this one being the best jump, but not necessarily the sharpest photograph. She said it was exhausting work, all this jumping. Notice how even her hair is jumping? I give this an 8.75 for flair and cuteness.

Not to be outdone, Joseph gets a perfect score from me on this aerial poetry. I had to do a landscape orientation to make sure I capture his full frame. Awesome jump, son!

Now, I am giving you the chance to turn away now before you hurt yourself. From laughing so hard that you’d fall off your chair. Go on, turn away now if you don’t want to suffer bodily harm.


Really?  You’re not going to turn away?

Okay, don’t say I didn’t tell you so.

I gave Eibee the camera and she took this photo while I jumped. Not a pretty sight. Not even by a long shot. I did warn you.

5 thoughts on “A Photographic Ode to Van Halen

  1. Awesome! Shouldn’t turn away from a mom being the “best mom ever”! Well done all – jumpers as well as photographers! Salam wa sa’aadah


  2. This is such a cool idea! You all look like you are having so much fun!! I hope you never stop jumping on beds Jocelyn. Your kids are adorable (and incredibly photogenic)!


    1. Thank you! As long as the beds can hold my weight, I promise never to stop jumping on them. You should try it with your kids, I’m sure they’ll love it!


  3. AWESOME!!!!! C’mon Bernie, you know you wanna jump too!!! Good time and great captures. Hotel beds are meant for jumpin’


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