The whole world’s gonna be watching

First of all, 70 followers. Woohooo! Thank you, guys.  It means a lot to me.  If I am not following your blog now, just bear with me.  I’ll get around to it.

And back to the topic…damn right the world is watching!

Patrick wanted us to see Iron Man 3 as soon as it was out. We sort of did. We went to see it the day after everyone else in the UAE has seen it. We don’t like 3D films. It doesn’t enhance our viewing pleasure at all.
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But before the movie, I caught up with the Amiras and spent a lovely afternoon knitting and chatting away. It was a smaller than usual group but it was fun all the same. Ladies from Kuwait and Al Ain joined us, as well as some of the usual suspects from Dubai. Including a cute-as-a-button little mister who seems to be growing up too fast! I was honoured when Ruth asked me to photograph her Diamante shawl, or rather the shawl she knitted for her friend Beks. It is gorgeous! I bought a skein of the same yarn from Ruth’s destash (alpaca, silk, cashmere lace) and bought the pattern too so I can knit myself one of this beauty.

We also passed by Cash Converters for a look-see. Patrick ended up buying two PSP games and I picked up BluRay bargains! Thor! In a gorgeous tin case with a BluRay disc and a DVD. And also Battleship, Brave, Up and Alice in Wonderland. These are all going home with the kids.

After that we went to the Dubai Mall and had our dinner at Johnny Rockets. I decided to try this Brenizer Method that everyone has been raving about. It’s obviously a failed attempt because 1) it was taken indoors with low lighting and 2) the 70mm Sigma was clunky and annoying as hell even though it went down to a decent f/2.8. I’ll try this again outdoors and if I can get a decent 85mm lens. Sigh. I miss my nifty fifty. Click to see the full size.

So Joseph was hankering for another mushroom and swiss burger. I guess he was ecstatic to find one.

Hey, pretty girl! Who’s your momma? Hahaha! Cam whore I called her. Don’t think she appreciated it because she didn’t reply on my Facebook comment.
pretty girl

Okay so the film was awesome, as expected. But Trevor. Oh my. If you haven’t seen it yet, so see it. Trevor is so cool. Plus all the suits. And Dr. Banner. And Pepper. Oh yeah. And stay until the end of the credits. You should know that by now after all the hidden nuggets in recent Marvel films.

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  1. We too had an Iron Man 3 weeken, this movie gets 5 five stars from us!

    P.S: My comment is hanging and I don’t know if it showed up multiple times and so, apologies in advance 🙂


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