Point and shoot

A month ago, we finally used those vouchers from Sharaf DG and bought the kids a Canon point-and-shoot camera. I have been asking for regular photo updates of their life in Manila and they constantly complain about their i-phone cameras not being good enough. Now with this new gadget, I expect a weekly set of photos. Or else!

Of course, I had to take the little thing out for a spin just so I can show them the most user-friendly setting. My very first P&S was a Sony and it was amazing. I didn’t get to use the custom settings much but the quality of photos were not bad and the ease of use was outstanding. This thing, however, is a pain to control and so heavy that even if you use the low-light settings, its weight adds to the blur of the final image. I shouldn’t really complain as we practically got this for free, but having used a DSLR for the past 6 years now, I don’t understand the appeal of P&S.

Okay, photo dump time. Krispy Kreme mini donuts. They look really good, tastes half as bad as their big brothers.

Me and my daughter. She laughs at how my hands are shaking when I do self-portraits.
me and my eibee

And again at a pizza place. I think Bernie took this one using one of the fancy settings.
and again

I had to give the camera to Eibee to take this family photo. Notice the date stamp is the wrong way around as she had to turn the camera upside down to get us all in the frame. Clever girl.

Bought a week’s worth of apples and I love how some still had a leaf on. Of course I had to take a photo of it…
royal gala

…in Twilight mode! Eibee insisted. Yes, she’s still hung up on Twilight, even if she denies it.
still hung up on  twilight

Momma and her boy. I know she’s going to miss Luca like crazy when it’s time for her to leave again. He’ll probably be walking around our tiny apartment meowing after her when she’s gone. Moments like this are the best.
the cat

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