Odds and Ends

Odd. A stray kitty came up to the boys for a scratch behind the ears the other day. Needless to day, Luca did not appreciate the strange cat smell on the boys when they got home. This same kitten was spotted laying down in the middle of the dirt road, oblivious to the cars trying to park or get out.

Ends. Thankfully not so many ends to weave in here, not yet anyway. Although the second skein I joined has a knot about a hundred yards in. I decided to knit 5 stitches with old and new working yarn instead of the usual double-knot technique. The top is working up really nicely. I am in the middle of the waist shaping and loving it!

2 thoughts on “Odds and Ends

    1. Two If By Hand’s wonderfully squishy MCN. Dyed to order, Whiz Bangs. You gotta love that name! Great to knit with, I hope just as great to wear.


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