Stick your thumb out

Patience and I are not very good friends. We’re acquaintances at best, but neither one never stays long enough for us to become buddies for life. Sometimes it comes organically, sometimes it’s forced. In the case of my Hitchhiker scarf, it was an organic union which I was truly amazed with.
hitchhiker (2)

I’m a terrible model of my own hand-knits, here let my niece do it. She does it way better than I ever could anyway!

This shawlette is part of Martina Behm’s amazing trilogy of four shawlettes inspired by The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Hitchhiker is knitted sideways in garter stitch. Doesn’t get any simpler than that! Depending on the yarn you use and the yardage you have, you can get up to 42 “teeth”, or points in your shawlette. Isabelle loved this and, despite the warmth that day, she wore it the entire time and nearly didn’t give it back to me. I made a promise to knit her a pink scarf in exchange. Said pink scarf is in progress, along with a few other WIPs.

This is actually the second shawlette I made from the collection. The first one was Magrathea. I just love the brilliant construction and also just how nearly mindless it is to knit. I say nearly mindless because at every few rows you need to cast off stitches to create the teeth. I found myself forgetting to do that because I was enjoying knitting so much!
hitchhiker (1)

I am looking at making Trillian next but first I need to finish my long suffering WIPS including Turmeric, Misty Meadow, the second of the Lace Rib Socks and of course I just started a Viajante (also by Martina! And not to mention I have two test knits on the needles, an infinity scarf and a top using the contiguous sleeve method by SusieM on Ravelry which I have been dying to try. And I’m using yarn from stash for all these. Yay!

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  1. I love those little teeth edging the scarf. Very nice finish on this one! And…. so great that you’re knitting from stash – bravo!!!


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