Little Dresses

I have come at a point in my knitting where I have started gravitating towards wearable items. Not that shawls and socks and hats are not wearable, they’re just not very practical and, well, suited to Dubai weather. To this end, my Ravelry queue has seen some major facelift. Socks and shawls have either moved down the queue or were taken out altogether. My stash has plenty of yarn enough to make everyday wearable tops and this is what I have slowly been queueing up.

And to prove that it’s not all talk, here are a couple of baby girl dresses which I knitted up PDQ and which I think are so cute that I want to knit up me sized versions! Especially the pink one!
dresses (1)

This is the Rio Dress designed by Taiga Hilliard. I knew as soon as I saw the pattern that I wanted to use my Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in Blossom, a very nice pink which is not too pale and not too bright. Just perfect for little Adrianna Katrin. I made the 6-month old size which I think still came out a little bigger because my stitch count for the skirt was higher than what it shows on the pattern! Happy mistake 🙂
rio (2)

Once again, I raided my meager button stash for something simple. I thought about using pink buttons, maybe flowers but I didn’t have any and I wanted this done as soon as it was dry. These pearlised buttons work perfectly! I know now from experience that buttonholes on knitted woolen garments tend to grow bigger so this simple “yo” buttonhole is small enough now but will stretch out in time but will not look like a gaping hole like my very first cardigan!
rio (1)

I think the sweetest detail of this dress is the seed stitch panel that travels from the neckline down to the hemline on the centre of the dress. It offered a nice break in knitting the mostly stockinette body and kept it interesting. I think it gives the dress a really classic yet elegant look.

My project notes can be found here on Ravelry, which to be honest is quite straightforward and mostly gushing about just how easy this is to knit. Also the pattern is written up clearly and it is easy to follow for all the different sizes. My one caution is to the stitch count when you start knitting in the round in seed stitch. For the size I made, I had to create an extra stitch on each sleeve to make the seed stitch pattern work. Not rocket science at all. Ah and I wanted to show you this sweet stitchmarker which was part of a mystery club from Fripperies and Bibbelots.
rio (3)

Another design by Taiga that I loved is this Mischa Baby Dress. It’s a rounded yoke done in a deceptively simple all-over eyelet pattern. It’s the cutest thing!
mischa (2)

I love the eyelet pattern. It’s simple enough to knit, but adds just the right amount of feminine flare to an otherwise plain stockinette dress. The garter rows between the eyelets add another dimension of texture to the finished garment. This dress is done using Indigodragonfly’s MCN Sock in one of the more vibrant colourways from her Buffy series. This is My World Is All Askew, or Evil Willow as it is more affectionately called. Certainly a colour I would not be caught dead in!
mischa (1)

This dress is going to Adrianna as well and I hope she does not grow up too quickly so that she can wear this for as long as possible. Of course, if it fits, she can still wear it as a tunic paired with some tights. I love the lacy edging as well. I can just see Adrianna wearing this and being adorable!

There is one more baby dress to show off but I want to wait until I have given it to the expectant mom. I don’t want to ruin the surprise!

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  1. Love the little dresses. I have been looking for some cute baby dress patterns and I just might have to buy this book. Thank you for sharing. 🙂


    1. I know! I keep bugging the designer about it, and she did say she is working on adult versions so hopefully we’ll see those soon.


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