Random short

The following is a spur-of-the-moment composition inspired by my friend Nadia’s short story which was in turn inspired by a writing prompt she found online. Disclaimer: the individuals depicted in this story are not real, even if they do seem real. Okay, maybe it’s about me and my children, does it really matter?

me and my baby

The child made a face and wriggled out of his mother’s arms. “Ewww,” he said, slowly moving away in case she locked him in another hug. “Mom!” he protested, “my friends will see.”

She was going to move in and hug him again but the look on her youngest son’s face told her it was not a wise choice. Reluctantly, she conceded and simply waved him goodbye. She watched him walk up the front gate of the school and didn’t look away until he was out of sight. Then she turned to her husband with that look, the look that said “I can’t believe my baby’s all grown up.” He patted her hand and they drove off.

She knew it was a phase, or maybe a result of peer pressure, because as soon as he was back at home and away from prying eyes of friends who would tease, her son didn’t mind if he gets hugged and kissed a hundred times a day.

She loved giving hugs, because it meant she instantly receives them too. That very basic need for human contact sustains her through the toughest days in the office and in life too! She encourages her children to be huggers.

Whenever they come across a person who seemed cranky or irritable, they would smile, look at each other and say in union, “They weren’t hugged enough as kids!”

Hug your children, as many times a day as you can even if they don’t like it. It will do wonders for you and for your children.

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  1. Such a sweet story and so very true. I remember the day of transformation like it was yesterday when the public hugs and cuddles were met with “ewww” when previously my son would be the first one to run out of the classroom and wrap his arms around my neck like he hadn’t seen me for years!


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