Lucky 7 (aka the things I am grateful for today)

Thank you

  1. My husband. Patient, kind, supportive and dependable. He’s my warm, soft and generous security blanket. I wish I can take him with me everywhere I go.
  2. My children. Funny, silly, sweet, annoying…and I miss them all so much. Every day.
  3. My grandchildren. The reason why I had children. Can’t wait to meet little Adrianna for the first time.
  4. My 9-5.30. Going back to full-time employment has never felt so good. It’s a great boost for my ego and obviously the bank account!
  5. The Metro. Say what you want about the Dubai Rail Network, but I love it. It gets me to and from work without traffic or any other delays and for a fraction of the cost of a taxi ride too.
  6. TRA. The Right Approach to health, to feeling better about myself. I ignored the message somewhere along the way so my progress stalled, but I am back on track with an even fiercer determination to succeed.
  7. Knitting. The long tall drink at the end of my work day. No matter how stressed I am, holding pointy sticks and yarn at the end of the day is the best way to relax.

One thought on “Lucky 7 (aka the things I am grateful for today)

  1. Playing catch up on your posts. Your photos are drop dead amazing, I’m in awe! The bug shots… WOW! I’m going to watch the Peter Hurley video next, interesting stuff.


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