A bug’s life

People at the park must have thought I was crazy when I was circling the trunk of this palm tree with the camera glued to my face. I wish I asked my family to take a photo of me, that would have been a keeper!

I was looking for anything remotely interesting to shoot, and I’m glad I found these black ants marching up and down the tree trunk. One was even carrying a huge grain of cooked rice but it was moving far too fast for me to get a clear shot. This one, however, looked like it stopped and posed for me. Thank you, little ant.
macro at the park (1)

On the next tree trunk I spotted a lone fly. It wasn’t moving so I quickly took a few shots hoping to get lucky with at least one. The fly was very cooperative and did not flinch even when ants were crawling right next to it.
macro at the park (3)

Okay so this is not a bug, but my son found this toy gun on the grass so I borrowed it. I didn’t have an action figure to use with it so I just went with this pose.
macro at the park (2)

Now I have to apologise in advance because the next post will be picture-heavy. Or I may split them into two posts, but I will be posting photos.