FO: Wrapped in Purple

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Okay, so I gave you a peek at this next FO yesterday. A pile of garter stitch. Purple. Not much to go on with, right? Well, here it is.

All the Shades of Truth. The original design is done in monochrome, mostly greys. I thought it would be too tacky to do something in greys with a design name like that!

This project hits two birds: stashing down skeins of Sundara Yarn Fingering Silky Merino (which never seem to end!) and finally completing something for a KAL with the Sundara Yarn Lovers group in Ravelry.

Knitting on this took 10 days. That is quick for me, only because I knitted this exclusively. With such a soft, silky thing in my hands and on my lap, how could I drop it in favour of other WIPs? Plus it’s garter stitch, how hard can it be?

I didn’t knit it to size, mostly finished off Section 1 earlier than called for in the pattern. But the other sections were done as instructed. This would have turned out much longer if I followed the pattern to the letter! Speaking of which, my first section has a rather uneven edge because silly me did not read the notes that tells you to slip the first stitch of every row pwyif! Had to get creative with picking up stitches there. For the long dark purple strips, I did not bind the stitches off but put them on waste yarn. Much easier I think.

Anyway, the bind off is something I have read about before but never really used. It’s amazing! I didn’t have to use a larger needle for it and it is plenty stretchy. I am glad I used wires to block it to get maximum width. It was fiddly but it was well worth the effort. Can’t wait to get wrapped up in this!
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  1. absolutely beautiful colours and yarn đŸ™‚ what a fantastic project!


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