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Luca was rather pensive in the above photo. Either that or he spotted a bird on the rooftop next to our building!

He “helped” when I was taking a photo of my current WIP, a long stripey looped scarf which I am knitting using leftover silk merino yarns from other projects.
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I am loving the colour choices so far. This is all Sundara Yarn Fingering Silky Merino so far in Viola, Pale Sky over Sugared Violets, Graphite and Tuscan Rose over Lemon. It remains one of my favourite yarns to knit with. The pullover I made with the Viola is a favourite but unfortunately since it is not machine-washable, portions of the body is pilling a bit.
I am using this jogless stripe technique which is insanely easy and genuinely jogless!

You will see more of the purple colours above in my latest FO. Here’s a sneak peek into the purple squishiness. FO post to follow soon.
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  1. Was Luca doing the weird chirrupy thing that cats do when they’ve spotted a bird? He does look like he was thinking deep thoughts … 🙂


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