The Raven

Anyone watching The Following? It’s the new TV show starring Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy that centres around the work of Edgar Allan Poe. I won’t give the major points of the plot away but if you like thriller/mystery/good cop-bad guy shows, then this is a good one.

I recently finished a pair of fingerless gloves inspired by The Raven and then I had these socks on the needles. And top that off with The Following. Talk about an overdose of Poe! These socks are called Raven Swirl by Cookie A.
The above photo is of the original colourway (Blackbird) which is part of the Socks That Rock club back in 2009. I originally cast on for the largest size but then realised it was too big so I restarted with the smaller size. And then the pooling happened 😦 What else would a dyer like me do? Overdye of course!
ravenswirl (4)
I dunked the finished pair into a mix of black with undertones of purple. I love the overdyed result, it’s more raven-like now than it was. You can still see hints of the pooling if you look at it in bright daylight.
ravenswirl (2)
This was an enjoyable pattern, typical Cookie A with travelling ribs and mirrored patterns. The lace is a very simple yet beautiful 6-row pattern. The lace also travels down the centre of the heel which adds that touch of sexy to it. I’m glad to finally knit a pattern out of the club kit from so long ago. Maybe I will dig into the stash and work some of the others.
ravenswirl (1)
Project page here.

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  1. Magnificent! Glad to see you’re back on a sock roll 😀 I’m glad you said that The Following is a good show, because I’ve been hesitant to commit. I’ll definitely be watching it now.


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