Nothing casual about it

Surprisingly, this is the first official pair of socks I knitted this year. I originally planned a 12-pair plunge for 2013 so this ticks off January’s pair. It’s my entry for CelticCastOn’s KAL on her blog.
bizcasual (3)
Business Casual is a free faux argyle pattern. The travelling cable stitches pop out on semi-solid or variegated colourway just enough to make this suitable for any colourway.
bizcasual (2)
All of the socks I knitted for myself are usually just 6 inches high from the top of the heel. This time I wanted something that goes a bit higher and stays there, so I decided to cast on and knit the larger size for the leg and then reduce to the smaller size for the foot. Works like a charm!
bizcasual (5)
One other modification I made is on the cables. Instead of the C2F and C2B, I knit the second stitch on the LHN first without removing any stitches from the needle. I found it easier that using a cable needle or even doing twisted stitches.
bizcasual (1)

Thanks, Kelly for hosting this KAL. I thoroughly enjoyed knitting these and would like to make them again. More information here on my Ravelry project page.

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  1. Lovely!! I’m doing the cables exactly like you are – so much quicker than using a cable needle or doing the drop-retrieve-stitch thing.


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