Airing out the stash

At least once a year, I dig out all my stash and re-organise them. This event happened last Sunday. I tipped out the contents of all 3 IKEA bins and dug every skein not meant for the shop out from their hiding places. I piled them according to brand on the bed. This is just part of what I dislodged from ziplock bags and the crevices of IKEA cardboard boxes.
Yes, in the background there is all of my Tosh Tart skeins. Notice how the shades of red are all different? I believe I have this colour in every yarn base that I care for. I changed my colour choice in two of the last Sweater Club shipments. The pile in front of it is my Plucky Knitter stash.

I decided to do away with ziplock bags as they apparently attract moths more, and also because I find it difficult to look for specific yarn without having to open the bags and then squeezing the air out again before locking them. This way when I dig in I am not touching plastic, but glorious squishy yarn all the way down the bottom of the bin.

Bin #1 is my odd skein bin, plus brands where I only have a skein or two stashed. Oh and my Wollmeise is in here too! My favourite here is those four skeins of yummy variegated MCN Whiz Bangs from Two If By Hand. I bought them to make a cardigan for myself.
stash (1)

Bin #2 is my precioussss. Erm, I mean my Sundara, Indigodragonfly and Blue Moon bin. I was surprised that they all fit in one bin. I suppose the smooshy cashmere-infused skeins were easier to squeeze in together. This includes mini skeins accumulated from swaps.
stash (2)
Bin #3 is for my Tosh, Skein Queen, Posh and Knit Picks. Bit of everything else really. The cardboard boxes are now reserved exclusively for shop skeins.
stash (3)

It felt good to get organised again and to let the yarns breathe every now and then. If it weren’t dusty here in the UAE, I would get one of those open shelves and display them all in the living room. Doing this exercise meant I remembered why I bought certain skeins and what my plans were for them. I also got inspired to start projects which I have been putting off.

Knit from stash – that’s the 2013 mantra!

3 thoughts on “Airing out the stash

  1. Oh, now you’re just showing off=;) Look at all that gorgeous yarn!! You’re lucky that you are too far away for me to come over and check it out. Kudos on the organization.


  2. Wow, that sea of color in the first picture is amazing! I love your stash and you will definitely have lots of fun knitting up all of these pretties.


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