The last weekend of 2012 was spent relaxing. That meant it was park time!

We decided to keep it simple, not lugging food and stuff around like we usually do. We bought snacks nearby before entering Safa Park. It was a quiet Saturday as some folk were back to work, but still fairly busy in the playground areas.

Patrick hardly found an empty swing seat but he didn’t mind. We lazed around under trees but made sure we had the sun shining through because the wind was quite cold that day.

We went around the park for a walk and with my camera around my neck, not even the ducks were safe! Why don’t I just show you, huh?

We did a bit of grocery shopping for our new year’s eve meal and by the time we got home the full moon was out. I was lucky enough to get a good view of it outside our bedroom window. I had to make a few tweaks in the camera setting before getting the shot that I wanted. Somehow every other photo of the moon that I have taken is blown out. This time I managed to get the “man on the moon” in the shot.


I hope everyone had a great new year celebration!

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