FO: Finishing streak

I don’t know what I did before I discovered knitting. But I am so glad I did! Otherwise there won’t be any bunnehs!

Or lacy shrugs that keep the cold breeze at bay when I’m out in the park on a gloriously sunshiny Saturday in Dubai. Sagebrush Shrug on Ravelry.

Ignore the bingo arms, okay, I am rather proud of this shrug. I applied some modifications to it (more lace repeat, wider ribbing) and it turned out just right. Just don’t watch me take it off because I look like I’m possessed. Trust me. Not a pretty sight. But I would knit this again. Longer sleeves maybe, and a thicker yarn. Heck, I’ll knit it for you if you buy the yarn!

Without knitting, I would not have discovered the crazy world of Cookie A and her socks. Okay, it’s not the most practical sock design in the history of the world, but it’s pretty. And the yarn has cashmere in it. Mmmm…so soft and warm. This is Kai-Mei.

It was great to work with. I know the colour is almost sickening, but the recipient likes bright colours. I do hope she likes these socks and that they fit. They’re going as part of the International Sock Swap Round #8, woohooo! I thought I’d never make the deadline, but thank goodness for being unemployed I have so much more time on my hands to do things with my hands.

Ah yes, the bunnehs. They’re also going into the swap. I thought it would be fun. I used leftovers, and yes which self-respecting knitter would be without any yarn leftover huh? They take very little yarn, a bit of patience and love for the craft. And they finish so quickly. I made these three nuggets in under 2 hours.
Momma Bunneh is slightly bigger. I cast on 30sts instead of 24, yes I’m a rebellious knitter…hear me rawr! I also love that she is in a girly colour (Mansfield Garden Party).
momma bunneh

Up next, something I designed.

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