Speed photography

Being in a professional photo shoot setup never fails to intimidate me. I know very little, if any, about lighting equipment and how to set it up, thanks mostly in part to the very poor Level 2 Photography Class I attended a while ago. I never got comfortable around it.

This is why I was so glad I paid to get into the Portfolio Builder opportunity at Gulf Photo Plus. There was no judging, no looking down on me and my cheap camera and lens. The staff was very nice and helpful and just let us get on with taking photos.

And the models were amazing! Very lovely to work with. Victoria was the first model I was assigned to. She is tall! I was going to ask her to jump but the ceiling was low and I had an 85mm lens on so not enough room vertically or horizontally for a jump. I love the shots I got anyway and she was so pleased with them.

Marina was the next in line. She was all smoky eyes and pouty lips and big hair. Looking at the photos now, I wish I had her lipstick touched up, but it’s still okay. I loved the way the light bounced on her skin. There’s something about Brazilian skin that makes it beautiful no matter what light you throw on it.

Now, if Victoria was tall, Graciela was a giant! I think I only came up to her shoulders. But she is the sweetest! And easiest to work with.

The only direction I gave her? “Just keep doing what you’re doing and I’ll just shoot.” Worked well for both of us. I loved the ones where she was laughing, almost candid shots. And those legs….man, they go on forever!

Thank you, ladies, and thank you, GPP for organizing this.  If you’re doing it again, sign me up please!

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