Lifesaver! That is such a simple technique but so effective. Will have to try this in my next stripey ribbed hat/sock project. Thank you!

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In our last post, Celeste mentioned how to avoid “bi-colored purls” in her gorgeous Inspira Cowl.  Today I thought I might provide a close-up of what she did!

You may have noticed, if you’ve been throwing stripes into your ribbed stocking caps, that your knit columns and purl columns look different.  Knit columns move seamlessly from one color into the next, while purl columns have a line of contrasting color interrupting the flow.  In this sample, I did k2, p2 for every row:

bi-colored purls

Celeste says, “To avoid the problem of bi-colored purls, I worked the first two-color rib rounds in knit.”

She’s a smart knitter!  For this sample, I knit k2, p2 rib except for the first row of the new color.  On the RS row, knit across all the stitches.  Then returned to my regularly scheduled k2, p2.

The knit row doesn’t really interrupt your ribbing and…

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