Forty One

I love visiting Google on my birthday! It’s great how the doodle is different every year. Thank you, Google!

So yes, forty one. 41. Two scores and one. Cuarenta y uno. I have to keep reminding myself that because I seem to have forgotten what number comes after 40. I stopped aging last year, that was the agreement, but the other party didn’t receive the memo.

It’s extra nice when your birthday falls on a weekend. No early morning routines to worry about. I had a lie-in as usual and my husband made breakfast. I did get woken up at dawn by my father calling! I know he meant well, but it was Friday, it was the weekend, and I was able to speak to him ,my mother and my aunt who was visiting from Canada to celebrate my grandfather’s 95th birthday two days after mine.

Patrick was ready for a day out!

The family went out for a light lunch at Ping Pong,a very nice dim sum place in Dubai Mall. If you haven’t been there, I highly recommend it. Although next time I think I will opt for the brunch as you get more value for your money that way.

Yes, Isabelle wasn’t in a good mood that day. Something about the top she was wearing. But she was better after lunch.

The boys saw a server pass by with bowls of sesame seed prawn crackers and promptly asked us to order for them. The crackers disappeared so quickly as soon as it landed on our table!

Thanks to everyone who left messages on Facebook. Thanks to my buddy, Ross, who called me from Australia to greet me on my birthday. That was something else, thanks Buddy!

And very special thanks to my children. Eibee left me these silly helium-induced voice notes on BBM. I was sure she was drunk! She kept swallowing or exhaling the helium too quickly so the voice notes were really short. But they were so funny! Love you, kids! Miss you so much. See you real soon.

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