There’s so much to be thankful for

My husband. My children. My grandson. Family. Being alive and lucky enough to be working (for now anyway). Being able to put food on the table. Send the kids to school. Buy basic necessities. Have a roof over our heads. Friends. Laughter. Hobbies to keep me occupied. And so much more reason to be thankful.

It should be an every day thing. And every second of every day thing, this thanksgiving thing. We don’t have an official Thanksgiving Day in the Philippines. But if you consider fiestas a Thanksgiving celebration, then yes we do it every day. There is a fiesta being celebrated there every day, all across its 7,107 islands.

American Thanksgiving is celebrated on the 3rd Thursday of November. So it’s usually around my birthday. Which brings me to this:

Between now and the 30th Nov 2012, you will get a 15% discount off any item in the Dubai Knits shop. This includes all yarns currently in stock, my Boatride pattern and pre-order kits of Khaleesi.

Paypal does not offer discount codes so make sure you leave a note to seller with the code BdayThanks and I will refund 15% of your total order (excluding shipping).

Thank you for supporting Dubai Knits and for making beautiful things with my yarns.

Elizabeth is also giving thanks…by offering discounts off her designs on Ravelry. She’s also giving away 5 copies of her new Khaleesi pattern. Hurry, go visit her blog now.

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