Amiras at The Lime Tree

It’s always great to go to The Lime Tree. Our current favourite outlet is the one at the Media City. Parking is a little limited, but the venue is great – plenty of natural light, not a lot of people know about it yet so it’s not as busy as the other outlets. And of course, same great food, same great coffee!

A couple of Fridays ago, the Amiras got together again and of course, chatter, yarn and knitting got passed around the big table from the moment we all sat down until we parted ways at the end of the day. And speaking of yarn, look at this sparkly turquoise beauty being knitted up by Mel.

Michelle was working on her Colour Affection in Plucky Knitter Cashmere Lace. Yummy fabric, yummy colours. Makes me want to cast on another one using my own Pure of Heart yarn.

One WIP on the day which got a lot of oohs and aahs was this stranded beauty by Stephanie. It’s Wollmeise heaven in a baby blanket! It is going to be awesome when it’s all done. I also want to make one of my own soon, just need to decide on colours.

More projects around the table, Shyma was finishing up this beautiful crochet scarf using a luxurious skein of pure cashmere yarn from Posh. Awesomely soft and the colours work out really well. Another project I want to sink my teeth into.

At 6pm, Mel, Jackie and I were standing outside as I waited for my husband, and I just had to take a photo of the sunset. It’s not quite full on sunset and not quite the perfect photo but it was a start.

And then when we got home, I had a perfectly good angle to shoot the moon. Not quite full, but it was as good as it gets.

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