It’s Gulf FotoWeekend 2012

above image from the GPP website

I have fond memories of the first event I attended a few years ago. It was intimidating, to say the least, but also very encouraging and inspirational. Hearing stories and getting tips from other enthusiasts as well as seeing master photographers in action was a great experience.

The classes are not cheap so I have shied away since then. But this amazing opportunity came through in my inbox today and I just had to sign up.

This weekend, GPP is holding a Portfolio-Booster Fashion Shoot.

According to the website:

The setup:
There will be 3 studio set-ups equipped with a variety of lighting configurations and top professional models styled in 3 different looks: Glamour, Casual Chic and Classic.

Great opportunity for you to a) practise your directing of a model, b) learning the different light set-ups and c) making great portfolio shots for your blog, website, Facebook page and more.

How it will work:
You sign up to a slot of 30 minutes in total. Within your chosen time slot, you will be given 3 minutes at each station to make beautiful pictures. You will be given the settings for your camera that will work with all the setups. All you have to do is direct the model to get the shots you want at each setup.

You will get a cheat sheet with details about the various setups so you can refer to them in the future as well as many stunning professional looking pictures for your portfolio.

Well, at US$53 for a 30-minute shoot in a professional studio setup, it’s a steal! I booked the 2.30 – 3pm slot on Saturday. There are a few slots left so check it out now before they are all gone.