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I do have other interests apart from knitting. Photography is one of them, in case you haven’t already guessed. I am getting rusty, if I am being honest about it and I am. One of the first times I took the new camera out was during a public holiday. And of course I had to choose a venue where loads of people, residents and tourists alike would converge: Dubai Mall/Souk Al Bahar. I thought I’d give the old panorama a shot, never mind how cramp the place was or how bright the sun was.

This image has 4 different photographs stitched together in Photoshop. Didn’t use a tripod because I forgot to bring it. I should know better by now really.

Panorama is usually landscape but I’m such a rebel that I took 4 photographs of The Address to create this image. Okay so it is distorted but you get the idea. I tried doing this with the 360 Panocamera app in iPhone but it won’t take pictures horizontally.

Any ounce of creativity I have, if ever I had it, is gone. Taking shallow depth-of-field photos of a stack of Jeff de Bruges chocolates? Yep. That’s what my camera has been reduced to. Absolutely loved this small collection and will have to go back and get proper tablets next time.

He is so going to kill me if he sees this! Can’t help but make a collage though. All images taken on the same day, same venue, same lighting. Thanks to The Album Cafe for this awesome set. It’s the only set I will ever need.

And yes, I just can’t resist not having anything knitting related in my post. This was one afternoon spent with the Amiras at IKEA,Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. We had occupied a corner of the sofa areas and my suitcase was spread out at one end. That was Jackie choosing from the suitcase so she laid the yarns out on the floor.

And then took the ones shortlisted to her coffee table where she made her decision.  I can’t remember exactly which of these went home with her.

And see this gorgeous cardigan? How could I not share this? Jackie made this cardigan in the most gorgeous heathered green yarn (Cascade 220). It looks beautiful on her and suits her really well. I’ve been thinking of making one for myself but she said the collar slips off the shoulder so that changed my mind. It is really beautiful though, and the back lace panel can be replaced with any other lace or cable pattern.

Okay, enough randomness for today. More knitting content to follow. Thanks for visiting.

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  1. I’m a HUGE fan of shallow DOF (you already knew that) so my favorite shot is the stack of mini chocolates. Of course, the Patrick collage is just adorable!


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