Here’s a little self-serving advert. 🙂
I have a few sock and silk/merino skeins currently available in the shop. If you like any of the sold colours, send me a message and we can work something out.

Incidentally, the Yarn Club colourways are available for pre-order in any of my yarn bases.

But this post is about other people’s beautifully hand-dyed yarns which have taken up residence with the rest of my stash. Ready? Here we go.

Om nom nom nom…I love every single skein in this collage. But especially the Whiz Bangs. Yep, definitely the Whiz Bangs.

And maybe the Posh Fingering too, so soft and silky.

I think I will weave with the Constellation.

And then we have Plucky goodness. Hmmm….from the Etsy shop update in June. Two new yarn bases for me: Plucky Feet and Primo Sport. Just had to have the sweater quantity of Primo Sport. Not very excited about House of Bourbon as I was expecting more red, instead I got more brown. Feather Duster will probably be a warp for a future scarf. And Vignette, well it’s purple, what’s not to like?

I have a few more stashes over the past few months which I want to share so watch out for those. Or not. Totally okay with me either way.

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