The Games are a-foot!

Yeah, yeah, yeah…..before I tell you about the Games, let me show you first my very beautiful custom-made buttons for my Calligraphy Cardigan. TessaAnn’s buttons are all gorgeous. Seriously, check out her shop – she now has button hair accessories which are perfect for adorable little girls, or even their moms!

So I’m not allowed to say the official name of this big sporting event or the name us crafters on Ravelry have come to know and love so let’s just call it the Games. I am in 3 different teams but I’m doing 4 projects in 17 days. Yes, I’m insane. Why do you ask? I’m in Team Amiras (woohooo!), Team Stashdown Smackdown and Team Blue Moon.

For Team Amiras, I am making Fenimore using Tosh MCN Worsted in Tart. Pictured here with 19 rows done, but I had to frog it because 1) I forgot to switch to larger needles after Row 8 and 2) if you look closely enough you will see that the cables on the top part of the hat do not match the cables on the bottom. I feel so stupid messing up the chart! Can’t even imagine how the cables went so wrong. I restarted this anyway and managed to remember to change needles n Row 9. The cabling direction is another matter so we’ll see when we get to it.

The second Team Amiras project is something that I have always wanted to make but just never found the time to, until now. Using Plucky Knitter Superwash Merino in Princess Phone (not my usual colour at all, I know!), this is Saroyan and it is a free pattern. I think the sideways construction is what puts me off this shawlette. Takes longer to make, but with the knitted on leaf edging it doesn’t take twice the amount of time to knit like other shawlettes of the same construction. Also explains why I don’t knit scarves; makes it seem like you’re knitting forever and ever and ever.

Anyway, the increase section was done one afternoon when some of the Amiras met up to cast on our projects. Also helps that I’m using large needles (6mm) and worsted weight yarn.

If you are a knitter and have not heard of Color Affection, well where have you been hiding this past 7 months? Just like Stripe Study and Different Lines, this funky fresh design from Veera Välimäki hit the knitting world like a storm and has over 5000 projects either finished or currently being knit at the moment. It’s so addictively easy that people are calling it Color Affliction!

And I can see why! My new knitting mantra is Just one more stripe… Seriously, if it weren’t late and I had to get up early, I would keep on knitting. Here is my progress using Socks That Rock Lightweight in Sweet Pea (light) and Pond Scum (darker shade).

And last but not the least, my project for Team Stashdown Smackdown. This is Endpaper Mitts (or it will be when I finish it!) usng Shibui Knits Sock in Bark (solid) and Pebble (variegated), two of the oldest yarns in my stash. This is a real challenge for me; colourwork and I have a love/hate relationshop. The only time I succeeded was in my very first attempt. It was a chunky weight Christmas stocking so really lots of extra room for wonky tension which would go unnoticed. But this is something else. Tubular cast on using 2mm needles is a lot of fun! Not! Once I got going on the ribbing it was fine. If I can just get better coordination with the two strands of yarn on my left hand I would be so happy.

So that’s that. I have 12 days to finish these. See you in 6 months!

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