FO: Braidy Bunch

I had the opportunity to test knit this pair of wonderful cabled pair of fingerless mittens for Brittany. What a wonderfully easy and satisfying pattern! It gave me the chance to use my Cascade 220 Superwash which is one of the oldest yarns in my stash. Loved it!

The pattern is written very well and despite the cables, it is an easy knit. Quite quick too because you will want to keep finishing one more row. It’s only a 4-row chart after all and it’s easy to memorize. The deep ribbed cuffs make it very cozy. Of course it is adaptable to your own preferences!

The centre cables are what sold it for me. I have always wanted to make something with a braided look and always assumed it was a lot of hard work. But this is actually very simple! The finished look is deceptive and very pretty. I want a sweater with a massive braided cable down the back!

Project: Braids (Raveled!)
Pattern: Braidy Bunch Wristlets by iTeachiKnit
Yarn: Cascade Yarns 220 Superwash, colour #879
Needles: US2.5 / 3mm
Cast on: 11 June 2012
Cast off: 15 June 2012
Notes: Don’t let the cables intimidate you. They are dead easy. You might want to use a cable needle though so as not to stretch out the stitches too much. But it’s nothing that a good blocking can’t fix.

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