FO: Finally! A scrappy one

It took a while but I’m back with a new toy. *hugs and kisses new toy* Wanna see?

It’s an iPhone photo uploaded to Instagram so apologies for the quality. But yes, yay! New camera! Having fun working out what’s new and how to tweak it just so with my shooting preferences. It’s a beast of a thing. And even the 18-55mm IS kit lens is okay by me. I normally would grab my Nifty Fifty but the kit lens seems to have redeemed itself in this reincarnation. Certainly the image stabilizer has helped.

Anyway, I digress….I’m here to show you a latest knitted project. I have a few already done this year but managed to take only iPhone photos so far. Here’s my latest Frankenstein-ish scarf.

It’s knitted using linen stitch, or woven stitch. Done in the round so as to avoid purling, I cast on 271 stitches for the body and added 30 stitches for the fringe which was knitted in stockinette and later unravelled then cut in the middle to create the scarf.  Can you identify the colourways?  Hint: at least a couple are Rare Gems!

I used up leftovers from socks and hats that I made over the past year or so. It’s a perfect way to finish off leftovers, either this or making hexapuffs. I am using other leftovers for hexapuffs as STR is slightly thicker than most sock yarn. Just want some uniformity.

I am ready to start a second scarf using STR again from a mini-skein swap I participated in last year. It should be exciting as some of the colours are new to me. I think I will make it longer and wider too.  Made two boo-boos in the process: I twisted my join which was not a biggie since I could untwist it when I cut the fringe and then I made a mistake with the bind off.  I used suspended bind off to make it stretchy but then it jarred the linen stitch pattern.  I found out later that  I should have bound off in linen stitch pattern too.  Oh well, there’s always the next scarf.  By the way, the wrong side of the scarf is gorgeous too, I like how the purl bumps create this texture.

Project: Scrappy Dappy Doo (Raveled!)
Pattern: Scrappy Lengthwise Scarf by Zona Sherman
Yarn: Socks That Rock Lightweight/Mediumweight
Needles: US10/6mm for the cast on, US7/4.5 mm for the rest
Notes: I could have made this wider as I had more leftover yarn but the colours don’t go together well so I finished it off and will start a new one soon.

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