A cat’s life

Luca misses the kids so much, Eibee especially.

He’s not his usual self and it’s funny when I put Eibee on speaker yesterday. Luca heard her voice and his ears perked up, meowed and jumped down from our bed to go look for her. I know it’s probably cruel tormenting him like that, but I thought it would help if he heard her voice.

I think he’s been sleeping most of the time. His playful streak is there but not the same as with Eibee playing hide and seek with him. He would follow her all over the house and her voice is the only one he obeys. No matter where he was, if he heard her call, he would run to her.

I don’t know if a webcam chat would help but we’ll give it a try once the kids get the monitor set up.

We miss you, kids! Luca misses you more!

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