Hats and scarves and things

“Gotta take pay the saints ‘n sinners
In regulation hats ‘n scarves ‘n things
Walking in formation down the lane,
They carry their cross, make a church bell ring”
– Duran Duran, New Religion

No, this is not the post about my awesome Duran Duran concert experience. That’s coming. Soon. This is all about hats and scarves I knitted in 2011. Yes, I’m not done posting about my 2011 FOs. Click the link to see the hats and scarves and things.

Hats! Knitted woolen hats. In Dubai. I know, right? What is she thinking? Well, it does get cold out here during the winter months and you don’t want to catch a cold so you put a hat over your head. You can always but some cheap ones from Karama or anywhere else but I know how to knit, thank you very much.

This is not all the hats I made though, some are baby hats but they’re so tiny I feel like a cheat for counting them as one project. The grey Crooked Paths hat is the one I used the most since I made it. And it was the hat I had on when I came face to face with Simon Le Bon. More on that later.

I loved making the orange Sockhead Hat, altough it sat on the needles for a while. I used a travelling broken rib brim which was originally used by Chi. The green Courtenay was a lovely test knit for Preeti and I would like to make another soon.

I love knitting shawls, still do. I have so many shawls in queue and my stash of single skein laceweight and fingering yarns are perfect for these pretty things. I plan to do the 12 Shawls in 2012 thing. Last year was not a big shawl year but I managed to at least knit myself an Ishbel (with mods!) which I have been dying to make. I test-knitted 3 shawls, did a mystery shawl KAL and made my first-ever proper laceweight shawl.

From top to bottom, left to right: Stripe Study Shawl, Evelyn, Citron, Ishbel, Dancette, Roxanne and Aestlight

Infinity scarves were a new thing for me last year. Two of these projects were from the same pattern (Summer Wind), test-knitted for Irishgirlieknits. A shawlette/scarfette (Find a Penny) was another test-knit, for dear Lindsay. From left to right, top to bottom: Variance (which I loved so much I made 3 of them!), Find a Penny (in my own hand dyed DK yarn), my first handspun project (Variance #2), then Variance #3 from my own hand-dyed, my second Summer Wind in a yarn I destashed from Carrie and this project was part of the KAL in her Rav group, the grey test-knit of Summer Wind (Plucky Prim-oh!) and a Medoly shawl for a dear friend in Sydney.

All in all I think I did good. I broke a lot into the single skein stash and at one point did 12 single skein projects in one quarter. There are still so many shawl patterns out there that I want to make, some of them already in my queue/needles now so I hope to show a really good FO parade list next year.

Okay then…one more FO post and then I am done with recapping 2011.

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  1. 2011 was definitely a shawl year for you. A fantastic way to use your precioussss skeins and wrap them around your neck! 12 shawls in 2012, you’re going to trump that goal!!!


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