Hopelessly devoted

The first kit of Dubai Knits Yarn Club was sent out to members at the end of January. Thank goodness there were no delays in delivery and members in the UAE, Qatar, Canada, USA and Australia now have their kits.

Some of us have started (and even finished!) knitting the gorgeous pair of socks designed by Cristi H. Brockway. Yes, turtlegirl76 as she is more popularly known in Ravelry.

Since my camera packed up in December last year (sob!), I was not able to take proper photos of the yarn and the little goody that was sent along with it. So I “borrowed” the following images from Preeti. Thanks, sweetie!

The first Club colourway is called “Devotion”.  Deep rich red with hints of black reminiscent of the robe worn by the statue of the Black Nazarene whose shrine is in Quiapo, Manila.  The Nazarene itself is made of wood and originally fair coloured but it turned black when the ship carrying it caught fire on its way to the Philippines.  At over 400 years old, it is one of the oldest relics of Catholicism venerated in the Philippines. 

Members received one skein of Dubai Knits Squishy, all 360 yards of it and a handcrafted bookmark made by my friend Rain.

In addition, there is an exclusive pattern for a pair of socks designed by Cristi. More on the socks later as I do not have decent photos of it. Here is a screenshot of the first page of the pattern to give you a taste of it. Incidentally, the pattern will be available for purchase on Ravelry from the 1st April 2012. It’s an awesome design, and one that I would recommend even if it wasn’t done for this Club. Seriously.

The awesomely cute and practical bookmark was created for me by Rain. There were a few trips to private areas in the malls when she would show me her work in progress. Still, I am stunned by the final product and hope that club members feel the same.

Again, thank you all so much for your support and encouragement. I would not have done this without you. Next kit is due on the 31st March…I’m excited already!

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