Some things never change

This is the coffe mug that started it all. Well, sort of. It was at the end of one of those relaxing, fun Friday afternoons at the Marina Mall when the Caribou Coffee lady came to us saying their large coffee mugs are on sale: only Dh15 (around US$4) only! Instead of packing up to leave, we scrambled to get cheap but handy coffee mugs. The plan was to use them as yarn bowls. Hala bought 10 I think and the idea is you get your mug labeled with your name so that you use the same mug every time you visit the cofee shop. Instead of names, she got them to label the mugs like this:

It’s not an original quote, but it’s something that Kundi said before she left and it has stuck.

Once an Amira, always an Amira!

I want to make it permanent thought and will see if I can get someone on Etsy to put it on a coffee mug or other items.

At that same meeting in Abu Dhabi, Michelle brought her cherry wood Amish swift and gave us a demonstration. It occupies space but it’s fun and it’s, well, swifty! Hopefully in a couple of weeks’ time I will be the happy owner of a similar swift.

I introduced the ladies to my 80/10/10 MCN Sock yarn and a few skeins which I have not even had time to list up on Etsy were snapped up. I wonder what this skein would end up as in Marion’s hands?

It’s always lovely to see my hand-dyed yarns get knitted up. I remember dyeing this lot of Bronzed Sienna in Faith, Hope and Love and the day that Zaineb grabbed 3 skeins from my travelling suitcase. It’s great to see the yarn being knitted up into this lovely wedding shawl. Hopefully next time I visit Abu Dhabi, Zaineb will show me the finished shawl.

Every Amiras day is a parade of new FOs, and this pair of colourwork mittens from Jackie were a big hit. Modelled here by Shyma, the colours are pretty and uses very little yarn so two skeins of

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