This one time, in Dubai…

First things first. Eibee, someone’s missing you!

It’s catch-up post once again. I have photos cramming my flash drive as well as the laptop and the desktop at home. I’m statring to lose track of which photos were taken where or when. This one, for example, I know was taken at Mel’s living room but I can’t remember when it was. This is her bowl of hexi puffs which has since grown in numbers. I love how you could just put them in a bowl and make it a piece of decorative furnishing in your home.

Mel and her lovely daughter Caitlin prepared a lovely and yummy spread for us, including the pesto pasta salad with pine nuts. Yum! A big treat of the visit was seeing Mel’s gorgeous but utilitarian kitchen. It is easily my favourite room in her house.

Speaking of nom, here’s one to whet your appetite. Hand Maiden Casbah Sock. Yummy fibers. Yummy colours. I insisted on taking photos because I wanted to see if I can replicate them. Haven’t tried it yet. But Mel was so sneaky and wrapped this skein up and gave it to me as a birthday present. Woot! Thank you, Mel!

And evenmore nom. I am sure this was at The Noodle Room at the Dubai Mall, but not sure when. I think it may have been when we did the prenup photos for my sister. I think. Anyway, the Nasi Goreng was delicious. Best one I’ve had since Japengo’s.

Ah yes, this was definitely the prenup shoot! We were up by 5 and was at the Heritage Village until around 8am. This windtower is always a good spot for photos. I had to tweak the colours a bit because it was such a dreary hazy day.

She posed on her own. I just took the photo. It was hilarious! Not sure what that white mound was. Could have been cement dripping from a recently concluded construction. Certainly not bird poop as it did not smell and why the heck would the municpality boys not scoop up bird poop anyway?

This was a window display at the Diving Village. My niece and nephew were so good at posing so this one makes it to the outtakes album.

Isabelle was always happy to pose. I didn’t have to give her a lot of direction, she just smiled and posed. I love this one specially.

This was at the end of Day 1. We wanted a set of sunset photos but the clouds decided to hide the setting sun from us so we had to make use of the colourful sky instead. And the Burj Al Arab as props! Ronan was feeling tired so he needed something to lean on to. Good thing the Burj was there!

As I was focused on the beach and orange sky, this red truck passed by behind me. My son Patrick pointed it out and I was able to take a very quick photo. I liked the effect.

The kids were moving around so much, it was difficult to get clear photos of them. Forget about getting them to jump in sync – theycould not even stand still long enough for me to take a proper photo! This was the best I could do.

And thank goodness for tripods and self-timers on cameras! This photo would not have been possible otherwise. It was late, it had been a long day and all I wanted to do was go home and put my feet up. But it was quite enjoyable. We didn’t get to take all the photos that we wanted but we had fun. Hopefully my sister would let me post the rest of the photos after the wedding vow renewal.

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  1. Hexipuffs photo was taken first Friday in November when all the Amiras were here – 4th, I think, and yes, that little bowl has been replaced by a bigger one since my puffs multiplied (like rabbits) over a couple of nights :D.


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