It’s been a while

Trust me to neglect my blog during NaBloPoMo! Work and home have been very hectic and I have resorted to micro-blogging via Facebook and Instagram/Tweeter. It covers the gap but does not necessarily fill the void. I promise to try and get better at this before I forget how to compose a post and add photos, etc.

First things first, babies! Over the last couple of months, two of our beloved Amiras (Louise and Marion) have given birth to beautiful little people. Naturally, we were there to give a baby shower.

Louise always makes this cute face when she says, “Ooohh!” And my camera was ready to capture the moment when she saw the big basket of baby goodies wrapped with blue ribbon. The contents of the basket were selected by Ruth, who did the shopping on our behalf.

My contribution to the pile of baby goodies is this set of baby hat and socks. The pattern is Carrie Sullivan’s Dear Baby Francis (raveled!), knit out of leftover Tosh DK. Such a quick and gratifying knit. I can’t wait to see baby Freddie getting arm and cozy in it this winter.

This baby shower happened in early October and was the one occassion when both expectant mothers were in attendance at the same time. I could not help but click away when I saw them having a chat in one corner. Louise possibly passing on tips to first-tme mum Marion. And check out Marion’s super cool preggy t-shirt!

Fast forward to a month later, I visited the ladies in Abu Dhabi who threw a bay shower for Marion at the swanky Erik Kaysser restaurant in Abu Dhabi Mall. Pink was the colour of the day! Marion knew she was having a baby girl. It was so much fun watching Marion carefully unwrap each present instead of ripping through all wrapping like any other person.

I wrapped a small set of baby girl hat and booties for baby Lilith which I knit out of STR Mediumweight. Again, this is Carrie’s pattern, Sweet Baby Kate this time. Such a quick knit again. Crappy iPhone photo for now but hope to soon get a photo of this set worn by Lilith.

And of course whenever we meet, Amiras can’t help but share their lovely FOs and pass it around for everyone to try on. These romantic pair of gauntlets was knitted by Monika using my Faith, Hope and Love and BFL yarns. She omitted teh beads which didn’t really affect the project as it is pretty, whimsical and sweet. It looked great on Debbie!

Monika is such an enabler as well. It was her who showed us this twirly scraf she made using multicoloured yarn. It was called Dizzy Lizzy. The scarf was passed around naturally and admired by everyone. Next thing you know there was an explosion of Dizzy Lizzies all over! This one was Marion’s which she has since finished. Hala, Mel and I all started our own version of the scarf. I must remember to take a photo of all of us wearing our Dizzy Lizzies.

That’s it from me for now. Just want to touch base and make sure the blog does not die of neglect. More photos and stories to follow, some about yarn, some about other stuff.

3 thoughts on “It’s been a while

  1. Hope you are doing well! I’m flattered that you knit both of my baby patterns!! They turned out great!!

    Speaking of behind…I owe you an email about test knitting. Sorry hun….will catch up this week! (((hugs)))


  2. Great to see you back in blogland:) Those baby sets are cute and the babies will look so adorable in their new hand knits. Fun!!


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