FOs: Courtenay

Hats are some of the easiest and most fun things to knit. They’re mostly knitted in the round, with only two ends to seam (the tail from the cast on and the end when you draw the crown closed). The brim is usually ribbed for stretch and fit and the body of the hat is where all the action happens.

My latest hat project is a test knit for a dear friend, Preeti. Just like her, this hat is simple, fun and highly practical. It starts with a twisted ribbing at the brim.

I am so excited to have been one of the test knitters for this hat. Preeti is one of my knitting heroes, mostly because everything that comes off her needles are just gorgeous works of art, but also because she is a wonderful person and a very supportive friend.

I decided to use Sundara Yarn Worsted for this hat. Nothing but the best! I would have used a skein of Tart in worsted but thought the lace might not come out too crisp in the dark yarn.

Her hat design is stunning in its simplicity. The body has a simple (there’s that word again!) lace pattern which you can repeat more than once for a slouchier look. A beanie version is done with just one repeat of the lace chart or written pattern.

The lace is simple and I think would work well for a large wrap, shawl or even a cardigan. The yarn lends itself well to the pattern and I think even with a darker yarn it woudl be alright. So a second hat should come through shortly.

The crown decrease is almost invisible, which is something new to me. Usually you get a swirl at the top of the hat which clearly indicates the type of decrease used for the crown. With this design, it gives a smoother finished crown. I like that.

Project: Test Knit – how very creative, huh? NOT! (” target=”_blank”>Raveled!)
Pattern: Courtenay by my good friend Preeti Verghese
Needle: US 6 – 4.0 mm for the brim and US 8 – 5.0 mm for the rest of the hat
Yarn: Sundara Yarn Worsted Merino
Colorway: Illuminati
How much: 0.8 skeins = 140.0 yards
Cast on: 14 Oct 2011
Cast off: 17 Oct 2011
Notes: Love love love!

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