FOs: Stripes

Blogging has been very spotty these past few weeks. I’m sure I will get back on my regular schedule but need time to save up drafts and schedule them for publishing so that I am in no hurry every time to post.

In other news, I have re-joined the workforce and will be up early again every day from now on. My children will be happy to know that their weekly allowance and Christmas gifts are safe and on hand this year!

On to the knitting. This project had a slow start and was pushed into the back of the shelf for a good 5 and a half months. And then, I started loving garter stitch all over again! I picked it up one evening and just kept knitting until I was out of yarn.

It is, of course, my version of Veera Välimäki’s Stripe Study Shawl. I had a few yarn and colour combinations jotted down for this so I doubt you have seen the last one of this from me. Then again, I always say that about my latest FOs. This time has a 95% chance of being true.

The shawl’s asymmetric construction means there is a wider side and it gives great coverage. This shawl would have been larger had I not run out of the burnt orange yarn! Notice the stripe at the bottom is not as wide a sit should be.

It’s also long enough at the top edge to use as a shoulderette. You can use a shawl pin to secure the ends instead of tying it into a knot.

Even Luca approves! He says the colour matches his coat.

Project: Semi-solid Stripes (Raveled!)
Pattern: Stripe Study Shawl by Veera Välimäki
Needle: US 6 – 4 mm
Yarn: Socks that Rock Lightweight
How much: 720 yards, 2 skeins
Colorway: Jengu (white) and Oregon Red Clover Honey (burnt orange)
Cast on: 26 Mar 2011
Cast off: 28 Sept 2011

In other news, sign ups for the Yarn Club is still on but the early bird discount is now gone. I am getting more excited as the launch of the Yarn Club dawns near. You can find out more about the Club here.

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