Listmakers Unite!

I love making lists. Even if sometimes I only make it in my head. Life for groceries or immediate things to do for the house or the kids. Sometimes, like when I’m in the middle of the grocery store, I forget items in said lists so I grab the nearest writing materials I could find, usually Notepad in my phone, and jot them down. Then forget then I created a list in my phone and end up buying things I didn’t need and forgetting the things I need!


Earlier this year, in March, I joined a group of individuals online on a little project. The aim was to create a list every day of the month. There were prompts for topics and you build on it. I did an actual list, jotted them down on a spiral journal but due to work and family commitments the list remained in the journal. I was not able to share any of it with the online group.

This time though, I plan to make a digital-only list. I have my template ready in Photoshop, just need to drop down the daily prompts and then make my list. Maybe I will print it out later and create a booklet. I haven’t really thought that far ahead yet.

See that image right at the top of this post? Click on it and see what it is all about. No reason why anyone can do it. Go on, click it!

One thought on “Listmakers Unite!

  1. Oh lord…I’m crap at making lists. I know I should and I try…..but I end up just keeping ’em in my head. Which gets pretty chaotic. So. I’m in awe of this project.
    Btw- Have you tried the Mindmeister mind map site? I can see it being fun for a list maker.


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