WIP it!

Luca loves my camera. He very nearly licked the lens! I showed him this close-up photo of him and he meowed, which means he approves it.

Luca jumped up on the table when I was taking photos of my WIPs (which we will get to in a sec). He even agreed to model this Chevron Scarf for me. He said it suits his colours and I couldn’t agree more! The boy has great taste – it’s Bugga no less!

He did scoff at me when I refused to let him try on the Sundara Yarn Worsted Merino Knucks. He refused to believe that the gloves were way too big for his cute widdle paws. Oh well, can’t please him all the time.

So here it is, out in the open, bared for everyone to see. No holds barred. In the spirit of full disclosure. My WIPs. All of them. Kept neatly in separate project bags in my new maize basket and IKEA box. Shall we open them up?

Here we go. Twenty WIPs in total. This explains why I cannot find any spare Knit Picks cable or 4mm needles. There is absolutely no cable left in my bag. It’s all in here, plus the one I freed up from the just-finished shawl which unfortunately had to go bye-bye because one of the metal ends popped out again. And those suckers are impossible to put back in once they slide off the hinges. Bummer.

Anyway, so here’s a run-down of what we have here, from left to right, top row to bottom. You can click the thumbnail above for a bigger photo.

1- Paraphernalia in STR LW, Irishgirlie Green
2- Plain Vanilla Socks in STR LW, Crazy Lace Agate
3- Uncle Frank Socks in Sundara Sport Merino Two, Honeyed Hibiscus
4- Horcrux in Sunshine Yarns Classic Sock, Hagrid
5- Brandywine Shawl in Wollmeise 100% Merino, hand-dyed by me
6- Variance in Pigeonroof Studios Cassiopeia DK, Julep
7- Emily Capelet in Indigodragonfly MCN Sock, Drusilla
8- Stripe Study Shawl in STR LW, Jengu and Orange Red Clover Honey
9- Chevron Scarf in Sanguine Gryphon Bugga, remnants hand-dyed by me
10- Dancette in Sundara Yarn Fingering Merino, Spanish Tile and Buttercream
11- Citron in Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Lace, hand-dyed by me
12- Annis in Plucky Knitter Primo, Boathouse vii
13- Magrathea in Wollmeise Sockenwolle 80/20 Twin, Bussi
14- Little Shells in Dubai Knits Faith, Hope and Love, Cranberry
15- Rock Island in Sundara Yarn Silk Lace, Pure Temptation
16- Moderne Baby Blanket in Knit Picks Shine Sport, Hydrangea-Terracota-Cream
17- Knucks in Sundara Yarn Worsted Merino, Illuminati
18- Knucks in Sanguine Gryphon Bugga, Horned Beetle
19- Lightweight Pullover in Sundara Yarn Fingering Silky Merino, Viola
20- Iceling (Baby) in Cascade Yarns 220 Superwash, 879

Phew! Alrighty then. See you next year – if I ever make it out alive, that is!

5 thoughts on “WIP it!

  1. Breathes heavily. I think…….I’m hyperventalating…… too….. many….. wip’s……..
    How in the world do you keep up with it all AND fit them into that basket!!!
    My head would just be spinning right now!


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