Knitting weekend

Hello there. Remember me?

Yes, yes, I’ve been absent. Again. What can I say? Knitting is more enjoyable to me these days than blogging. That and the fact that the only computer we have at home right now is a desktop which is fixed in the children’s bedroom. Plus I have to get in a queue to use it.

What have I been doing apart from knitting? Not much. These tiny puffy honeycombs might take over my life and our flat at some point in the near future though. Photo shows Jackie’s and Mel’s combined first efforts to make puffs for their Beekeeper’s Quilt. In Ruth’s adorably geeky and utalitarian fingerprint bowl.

Ruth invited the Amiras over to her new place last Friday for some nibbles and knitting of course. Lunch was awesome as always with Ruth’s pancetta and mushroom risotto, cherry tomato in vinaigrette, breads with cheeses brought by Hala and dips by Mel. It was delicious. After lunch, we sat down to the business of knitting. I was working on my pink Aestlight Shawl (more on that later), Jackie tackled another hexa puff, Debbie cast on for a second sock out of Wendy Johnson’s second toe-up book, Stephanie was working on her Autobahn scarf, Ruth was finishing up one of her very vibrant baby blankets and Mel started the edging of her mum’s Stripe Study Shawl.

Debbie brought her finished Lavaliere for a photoshoot. This is always a fun part for me! She used Sundara Sport Merino in two colours. I didn’t realize that this is Debbie’s first Sundara project. I am sure this will not be the last.

Hala made us laugh with this huge blue ball of cotton yarn. She said it took her 3 days to untangle the thing. It was not heavy at all, but quite bulky and could have been used in place of a netball or something. I wonder what Hala will make with it?

Monika strikes me as someone who is always decadent and stylish so I was not surprised to find she was wearing a dragonfly hairclip! So adorable!

And what’s a trip to Ruth’s without her deliciously yummy chocolate raspberry cheesecake? It was a perfect finish to a wonderful meal. Thanks again, Ruth. And it was great to meet new Amiras: Michelle, Kathy and Susan. I hope to knit with you all again soon.

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