And I survived!

Sorry I have been absent. I have just not had any bloggable whats-it to share. I will get back to it, I promise. Cross my torchlight heart!

So, from the couple of spotty blog posts recently, you would know that I directed most of my energy to preparing for the ARTE Soukh. It happened last night and, wow, what an experience! I sort of had an idea what to expect as I have browsed around the market whenever they were up, and even bought a few items here and there, but as a seller it was a totally different experience.

I have to give a massive public thanks to mother and daughter Mel and Caitlin Wilson, who left a rather delectable NCIS marathon at home to come and sit with me ALL NIGHT! I did not expect that. At all. I thought when Mel said she would come and knit with me a while that it would be a couple of hours, catch up on her trip to Australia and show me her new yarn purchases. But no, they both ended up sitting and chatting and, in Mel’s case, knitting with me the entire time. I cannot thank you enough, ladies. It was great to get to know Caitlin too. What a gorgeous young lady! And great taste in yarn too 🙂 – Mum trained her well!

Oh and thanks for lending me the tree! I love my yarn tree – I need to get myself one of these too so that I don’t have to borrow yours every time.

Set-up started at 5pm. I drew table #541 which was right next to the registration table. It was bigger than I expected so I had to quickly nip to IKEA and get two smaller boxes for display. The kids helped, sort of.

Linda, I know you’re reading this, so thank you for telling me about the yarn tasting sessions at your LYS in the States. I sort of nicked that idea and decided to offer yarn tasting as well. Unfortunately, everyone who passed by my table seemed too scared to try these out. One little old lady did a few double crochets though and she seemed pleased with the yarn.

I did not bring every single skein I have, otherwise I would have needed a small truck. With the husband away in Manila and the older boy away at camp, I had to rely on Eibee and Patrick to help and they were such troopers! Of course I had to bring Faith, Hope and Love! It’s the best-selling yarn I have which makes me think I should do a separate club for this yarn base. What do you think?

Pure of Heart, my silk/merino yarn base. I love working with this yarn, it takes in colour really well but for some reason I have not tried knitting with it. Maybe I should, even if it’s for a sample for when I do these kind of markets again.

Squeeeeeshy! My current favourite yarn base, in terms of dyeing. It takes in every bit of colour in the dye bath and it is so soft and squishy, hence the name. A new order has been placed, mostly to fill the upcoming Yarn Club.

I have been putting off launching this new yarn base, but now that patterns for fall/autumn are coming up all over, I thought what the heck? Let’s do it! It’s a blend of 80& superwash merino and 20% cashmere. The yarn blooms beautifully after dyeing. It does not take colour that well but it’s interesting how the colours come out. It’s a put up of 100g (approx) and 270 yards.

Here is a sample infinity scarf that I knitted just for ARTE. The pattern is Variance by Lisa Mutch and it is dead easy and fun to knit! I have another one on the needles, this time with a Pigeonroof Studious Cassiopeia DK in a lovely rich Julep colourway.

And here is a wee sweater knit by Mel as a test for me. It’s supposed to be for a baby but it fit my 5-year old niece! She is tiny. The sweater received a lot of praise from people at the market and I was tempted to buy it from Mel so that I can have it a shop sample. I think Nash will soon have a sweater similar to this, but hmmm, what colour?

Oh and I have stitchmarkers too! I always have fun making these wee things. My cat Luca loves to jump up on the table when I bring the beads and rings out so half the time I am shooing him away. I swear no animal was hurt during the assembly of these stitchmarkers. Only my fingers when I get clumsy with the bead pliers!

All photos featured in this post are courtesy of my daughter Eibee. Because I was busy with the yarns and knitting. Otherwise there would have been more photos of the yarns! Thanks, Bee!

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  1. Oh I wish I could have been there. I’m so looking forward to seeing you all in October. I return to Kuwait on the 18th. Salam wa sa’aadah Linda


  2. Caitlin and I were very happy to be there, and you can borrow my “yarn tree” any time 🙂


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