FO: The Cotty Bug

When the sock knitting bug bites, it does not sting.

My love affair with knitted socks has barely scratched the surface. One thing I love though for sure is Irish Girlie Knits and her wonderfully delightful Cotty Socks. I have done four pairs so far and it doesn’t look like I will get tired of this pattern any time soon.

I present to you Cotty Socks #3 and #4.

This pair is not a surprise anymore since I sent a sneak peek of this to the recipient. It’s my first Cotty in sportweight and I wanna make some more, kthxbye.

I mean, 48 sts on 3mm needles, well they go so fast! Okay so I modified the cuff, sorry Carrie, I love you but I was not sure about my recipient’s cuff measurement and didn’t want to risk a tight picot edge cuff ending up in Australia. Ten rows of 2×2 ribbing was done instead. Everything else is as per the easy-as-pie pattern.

Project: Mochaberry Cotty (Raveled!)
Pattern: Cotty Socks by Carrie Sullivan
Needles: US2½ – 3mm
Yarn: Socks That Rock Mediumweight
How much: 0.5 skeins (190 yards)
Colourway: Mochaberry
Cast on: 17 Jul 2011
Cast off: 18 July 2011

The above pair was a trial run for the Couldn’t Foot It sock challenge. Since I was able to do it in 2 days and accounting for the change in my actual pair to fingering weight, I deduced that I could knit another pair in 4 days. This is the duration of the Sock Summit and those of us who couldn’t foot the bill to travel to Portland and attend the actual summit challenged ourselves to participate in spirit and knit a pair of socks. The only other stipulation was that the pattern had to be one that was used by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, yes, the Yarn Harlot herself.

This pair took a bit longer on account of it being a weekend which is a busier time for me and the family. I brought the project everywhere and managed to finish it before the deadline. Officially 19 pairs of socks were completed during the normal time frame and a few more managed to finish their pair during the extension period. Wo-friggin’-hoo!

One of these days, I will be at the actual Sock Summit. And then maybe you will be squinting in front of your computer screens trying to find me among the crowd of the flash mob. That was way cool. Oh and I am keeping this pair for myself.

Project: The Cotty Bug (Raveled!)
Pattern: Cotty Socks by Carrie Sullivan
Needles: US1½ – 2.5mm
Yarn: The Sanguine Gryphon Bugga!
How much: 0.75 skeins (309 yards)
Colourway: My own hand-dyed from Bugga remnants
Cast on: 28 Jul 2011
Cast off: 31 July 2011

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