You all know my friend Juvy by now right? If not then here’s another chance to get to know her, through photographs.

Along with a couple of other photographers, Juvy’s friends and my family, we set out to Ras Al Khaimah’s Ghost Town on a scorcher of a Saturday. The plan was to do a summer themed shoot with at least 3 wardrobe changes. There was supposed to be another model but she got called away to work so Juvy had to be a trooper and pose for the entire day, or for as long as we could stand the heat!

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Ed and Emil were kind enough to bring their flash gear. I just bought two Pocket Wizards but unfortunately we needed one more to be able to work two flash units. So we had to take turns using Ed’s Phottix remote trigger.

Juvy was a real trooper. Despite the heat, she was able to keep composure and run through sets without missing a beat. Her friends Imee and Anne were on hand to offer her a drink of water, touch up her make-up and sort out her hair.  You can see on the main photo below just how bright and sunny it was outside but the photo does not show you just how hot it was.

We had to stay in the shade at all times to avoid heat stroke. The bottom left photo below shows an X where an ancient wind tower stood above Juvy. It was the perfect place to cool off as the wind tower catches the passing breeze from all angles and brings it down to the “house”. It’s ancient air conditioning!

We had fun. I did give in with half an hour left on the shoot because I was too exhausted from the heat. I didn’t want to pass out. It reminded me of an incident in junior high school which a few of my classmates would remember with vivid details. Anyway, Juvy still managed to smile and have a laugh despite the intense heat. There were no fake perspiration in these photos – those are all real!

Thanks, Juvy, Ed, Emil, Imee, Anne, Bernie, my kids (who all stayed in the car the entire time!) for this great experience. Looking forward to the next one. Oh and someone remind Juvy not to ask for a photo shoot in the middle of summer ever again! 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Juvy

  1. These pictures are fantastic, love the styling and the location. Where in RAK is this? Juvy looks amazing and how she managed to pose and remain so cool during the middle of the Arabian summer baffles me! I just blogged about how today was such a scorcher for us (cough, 25 degrees, cough!!!!). It looks like it must be 40 degrees in during this shoot, pant, pant!!!


  2. Wow! Some stunning shots here, J! I especially love the close-up with the hat. Did you use those fancy things to get the light to bounce off her face or was it all natural?


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