FO: Dancette

I have been stashing The Plucky Knitter’s Primo yarn for a while. While that sounds bad, I actually only have 7 skeins in stash. One does not count because it was a gift from Carrie. When Carrie asked me to test knit a new shawl design in Plucky, I chose these two colourways: Sticky Toffee (her gift to me) and The Hills.

I must admit I am pleased with the way these two rich colours worked out in the end. I had my doubts but with my limited (!!!) Primo stash I was happy to have been able to knit this shawl and end up with a gorgeous FO.

In a different light, the colours look so much warmer. This is Carrie’s latest design called Dancette. I believe this will make its grand debut at Sock Summit 2011. Grab a kit if you can. You will not regret doing so.

The shawl has great depth. It has gentle zigzaggy curves at the edge and a generous drape around the shoulders to keep you warm.

I enjoyed knitting this so much that I am knitting a second shawl. Nothing wrong with starting the holiday gift stash early, is there?  And yes, I knitted this in 3 days.  No pressure at all, but I also enjoyed it, despite changing yarn every few rows.  I had my doubts about my ability to carry two colours but it went rather well I think.

Because of the width of the shawl, you can wrap it around your neck and use it as a scarf/cowl. I am sure it is easy enough to make the shawl larger by adding more repeats to the stockinette section. That’s just what I plan to do with the second shawl.

The simple stripe pattern in this design gives it a whole world of colour combination possibilities! I am doing the second one in a light and dark combination for a more striking contrast.

I love the purly bumps of the zigzag edge. It pops out and it quite springy because it is garter stitch.  No pointy points on this shawl, just shallow ones, enough to give it character.  Thanks, Carrie for the chance to knit this before everyone else.  Yet another IGK Classic!

Project: Speedknitting (Raveled!)
Pattern: Dancette by Carrie Sullivan
Yarn: The Plucky Knitter Primo
How much: 1.7 skeins = 654.5 yards
Colorway: The Hills (MC) and Sticky Toffee (CC)
Cast on: 5 Jun 2011
Cast off: 8 July 2011
Notes: Make sure you loosely carry the unused yarn and twist it under the yarn you are using for that row.

4 thoughts on “FO: Dancette

  1. I really feel for you and your LIMITED stash!
    Looks like a lovely yarn especially sticky toffee!!!
    Can’t wait to see version number two!


  2. I love the texture from the garter rows! This is going to be a huge hit at Sock Summit and going forward! Annnnnd….limited Primo stash?? I’m yet to see/touch a skein of Primo – you have to to be lightning fast with those Plucky updates!!!


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