WIP-tastic Monday

A friend said all this knitting time is the reason why I hurt my right wrist. Sounds about right. But I don’t remember forcing my right hand so much (I knit continental style) to cause the muscles to sprain. In any case, I rested it overnight and now it feels so much better.

I even managed to knit a few rounds of my second Summer Wind scarf. I rested every half round so my hand is alright. This is the only WIP I am going to show you because the others have not changed since last week. I am using BMFA Seduction in Blue Moonstone. Photo is taken using my iPhone so apologies for the crapiness. Incidentally, I destashed this skein from Carrie and now knitting it up in a pattern which she designed for a KAL in her own group in Ravelry.

The reason for the lack of knitting is dyeing. I received new stock for the shop recently so I was in a bit of a dyeing frenzy last week. I dyed for four days out of 7, and even introduced a new yarn base to the shop. More on that tomorrow, in the meantime, you can visit the shop and look at Squishy, my new sock yarn base. I’m not trying to toot my own horn but if you could touch this yarn, then you would understand why I decided to call it that!

3 thoughts on “WIP-tastic Monday

  1. Love the Summer Wind pic and project! Sorry bout your wrist, however I can relate: years of repetitive motion and I sometimes sleep with a soft wrist splint to keep from awkwardly twisting the hand–possibly knitting in my dreams? Squishy looks delicious!


    1. Thank you. The wrist needed a full night’s rest, in a bandage to limit unwanted movement during sleep. It’s okay now but still taking it easy. LOL! Knitting in our dreams must be every knitter’s, er, dream. Thanks for the Squishy love. I want to use it for a shawl for me one day.


  2. Hope your wrist is all healed! Don’t take these injuries lightly if they’re knit related – ask me how I know;) Mmmm Squishy!


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