Eye-candy Friday: the Tart-y edition

Obsessed much?

Not really. When you know one thing is good, you just have to keep on having it. Madelinetosh’s Tart colourway is one of them. Remember these three beauties? That’s Eyre, DK and MCN Worsted all dyed up in the Tart colourway. Gorgeous, gorgeous!

Well, I am on a quest to get other Tosh yarn bases in the same colourway and I am nearly done with it. Want to see more? Follow me.

First of all, let me say that this is not possible without The Loopy Ewe. Sheri always gets the best stock from Madelinetosh and I’m glad I’m a Loopy Groupie because I get the sneak-up updates. Tosh Sock. In Tart. Gorgeous! Too gorgeous to be socks though, right? There is a generous yardage on this per skein so if I can manage a pullover then that’s what I will do.

I could try colourwork, but that would mean finding a contrast colour to suit Tart. Plus I am still not very comfortable working with more than one yarn end! Must ask Stephanie to teach me since she is amazing at colourwork.

Tosh Merino Light. Yummy base. Apologies for the seemingly inconsistent colour tones. I could not get some of it right but I hope these photos do the colour justice.  I am already planning on knitting this into a shawl, this shawl to be precise.

The question is do I find a contrast colour or just knit it in a single colour? Two skeins of TML gives me 880 yards. That is plenty for a big, drapey shawl. Antler would look great in contrast to Tart, but I really don’t want to buy any more yarn.

Here is my favourite: Tosh Vintage. Squishy worsted weight and in superwash merino too! The colour depth is just amazing.  But I know from experience that if I split the yarn strands I will find it’s bare soul inside.  Which is cool, because who would split the thread of their garment right?

Now this is not Vintage, this is my stash of MCN worsted in the same colourway. See the consistency? It looks exactly like the Vintage, except this has 10% cashmere and 10% nylon in it. Okay so the photo of the Vintage has a yellow haze, thank you cheap-o WB disc!

There are so many project options that I cannot decide which one to do. I’m thinking if I run out of Vintage I can use the MCN to finish it, right? Same weight, same gauge I suppose even though it’s different fiber content.

Okay, remember I said I am nearly done with my Tart quest? Well, if I get this in Pashmina than I’m set for life.

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